Friday, September 2, 2011

Culinary History Highlight: Tailgating in 1899 Fashion

With the advent of the first game of the season (Go Hokies!), thoughts of football inevitably lead to thoughts of tailgating!  Finger foods, barbecue, beverages, and everyone ready?

If not, you may want to check out today's Culinary History Highlight, a manual for preparing what would sure have been consumed during an 1899 tailgate--Sandwiches, Salads, and Chafing-dish Dainties.  Written by Ms. Janet McKenzie Hill during the late nineteenth century, this book contains recipes and ideas for various vegetable salads, savory and sweet sandwiches, cheese confections, and even "dishes for the vegetarian."  

As usual, my favorite part of this book lies in the preface, where Ms. Hill writes that:

...since many women have become anxious to compete with men in any and every walk of life, they, too, are desirous of becoming adepts in tossing up an appetizing salad or in stirring a creamy rarebit...Care has been exercised to meet the actual needs of those who wish to cultivate a taste for light, wholesome dishes, or cater to the vagaries of the most capricious appetites.  

I thought that was a pretty apt description of preparing tailgating fare!  View the Addison record for more information, or go directly to the digitized version of this book.  

And good luck tomorrow in preparing your tailgating feast in order to "cater to the vagaries of the most capricious appetites!"

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  1. Men, then, were adept "in tossing up an appetizing salad"?

    Can't say that I see too many of my guy friends now rushing to the salad bar. :P