Monday, March 25, 2013

Spice Up Your Life!

Written by Margaret Rawls
Part of National Nutrition Month 2013

I know many of you out there understand the importance of regular physical activity and a healthy diet. These keep your body healthy, your mood high, and boost your energy for the day.  

Picture by Margaret Rawls
Being on a schedule, I became dedicated to doing the same workout each day. Kickboxing all the time started seriously b o r i n g me, so I figured,

‘Hey! It’s time to start anew!’

Taking advantage of the outdoors around you is my recommendation to break out of a workout rut or simply start working out if you don’t already! Whether you live in the mountains and can hike, or simply take a walk or run in your neighborhood, grab a friend, get out there and do it! Try a new class at your local gym, too! Sunshine, cool breezes, birds chirping, friends – what could be better?!

Along with mixing up your exercises, don’t get stuck eating the same meals every day! As a college student, I find myself in the dining halls bee-lining for the same place each time I go. This gets old! Experiment with cooking, change up what you eat, and enjoy a variety of colorful meals with added spices to excite your taste buds! Don’t forget that your sweet tooth can be satisfied in moderation as long as you keep up your active lifestyle and healthy meal habits!

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