Sunday, March 27, 2011

Create a Garden of Color on Your Plate

Written by Kirsten Rhoads
Part of the National Nutrition Month initiative

In honor of National Nutrition Month and “Eat Right with Color”, I thought about the ways that I incorporate color into my meals every day.  I immediately thought of a salad, which seems pretty simple, but it is one of the easiest ways that I include color in my diet.  I’ve always enjoyed salads, but since coming to college, they have become more of a staple in my diet.  They are a great way to eat healthy when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare an elaborate meal.  I make sure to always have the necessary few ingredients (lettuce, tomato, cucumber & bell pepper), and have found additional ways to jazz up each salad differently.  I usually incorporate some sort of protein by adding a roasted chicken breast or leftover grilled meat from the night before.  Feta cheese and craisins can always top off the perfect salad to add the right finishing touch.  Fruit can also add the perfect twist to a salad.  Some of my favorite fruity additions include pears, apples, and mandarin oranges, but whatever is in season can work!  I have come to take pride in my salads and enjoy when my roommates tell me how good they look J  I encourage you to look in your refrigerator and pantry next time you’re looking to create something pretty for dinner.  What could you add to your salad?  One of my latest creations is shown below.  Enjoy!

Rhoads, K. (Photographer).  (2011).  Salad [Photograph].  Blacksburg, VA. 

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