Friday, May 27, 2011

Tutorial: Helping Zotero & EndNote Coexist on your Computer

I haven't posted a tutorial in awhile here, and I've been getting the same question so frequently lately that I thought I would address it through a tutorial!

A lot of us use EndNote, but some of us (myself included) use both EndNote AND Zotero.  If you're in that camp, you may have noticed that directly exporting references from databases can cause issues when you have both Zotero and EndNote on your computer.  I discovered this while teaching a class on EndNote this semester:  I wanted to show the class how easy it is to export citations from Academic Search Complete (an Ebsco database) into EndNote.  I clicked on the "export" button in ASC, but Zotero snapped up the citation before EndNote even opened.  What happened?!

Well, it turns out that Zotero is programmed to immediately grab any RIS files (which is what these databases export), not even giving EndNote the chance to see the files.  There are a couple of workarounds for this:  (1) using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when you want to use EndNote (since Zotero only works with Firefox) or (2) turning off the setting in Zotero that makes it automatically grab the citations.  I prefer the latter option, and will show you how to do this (should be the same on Mac and PC).  In the example below, I am using Addison (the library catalog) to demonstrate how this works.  The tutorial is silent, so no need to turn up the audio!

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Still have questions? As always, just let me know!

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