Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Help! I'm Really Stressed Out!

And now, for the second post in this "finals" series (and the obligatory cat picture):

    Help!  I'm Really Stressed Out!
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Lack of sleep?  Anxiety?  Pages and pages of tests and papers all due in the next week? Newman Library has just the thing for you:  our Reading Day Stress Relievers! (and other resources)

Tomorrow, December 8, Newman Library will be hosting several events especially geared toward relieving your stress:

11:45 a.m.-12:15(ish):  EnCorps, the string ensemble of the Corps of Cadets and the Brass Quartet, will play near the 2nd floor entrance of Newman Library.  Be sure to stop by and listen!

2:00-7:00 p.m.:  The Reiki Club will help melt your tensions away through energy movement.  They will also be near the 2nd floor entrance of Newman Library.  First come, first served--there will be a welcome/waiting area!

9:00 p.m.-late, late, late:  Newman Library hosts its first free hot chocolate/coffee/tea night of the semester!  We will be offering these free beverages from tomorrow night, and then December 11-14.  Make this caffeine stop before starting your serious studying.

What else do we have to offer to ease your anxiety?

Librarians and library staff, of course, are available through midnight in order to help you with your research.  Stop by the 4th or 2nd floor reference desks for help.  If you're not into one-on-one help, check out a few books geared toward stress relief and study strategies.  Click the titles to view the Addison records and check them out!

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