Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wait...Finals are Over?!

When did this happen?  When I walked into the library this morning, there was a noticeable quietness.  Gone were the busy students, frantically turning pages and typing away.  Then I realized that my intent to develop a full series of posts never materialized.  No matter--now that it's officially moving into the holiday season, I can start back up my traditional series of "best books" posts, now that you all actually have TIME to read something for pleasure.  Or, use these lists for gift ideas for your favorite bookworm (or librarian!).

Without further ado, here is a first go-round of "best books" lists from 2011.  Next week, I'll dig out some science specific lists, but for today, check these out:

Image from

Now, if I were really slick, I'd go through and pull out the books that appeared on all the lists, and then link those to the Addison records.  Maybe next week...until then, though, happy pleasure reading!  

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