Friday, March 30, 2012

Shape Up Your Plate for a Healthier You!

Written by Grace McConville
Part of National Nutrition Month 2012

We’ve all heard it before- more fruits and vegetables, less carbohydrates and starchy foods.  But where do we even begin to start?

First, try swapping half of your regular grains for whole grains.  This will add fiber to your diet and make you feel fuller longer.  Secondly, vary your protein choices by adding leaner meats such as chicken and turkey, along with nuts, beans, and eggs.  Most importantly, to ensure that your meal is the healthiest it can be- eat a variety of vegetables including dark green, red, yellow, orange. 
Adding more vegetables to your diet can be difficult especially for those with young kids who are completely against eating anything that isn’t fried or starchy, so try these tips and tricks!

-          --Make homemade pizza crust out of cauliflower!
-         -- Instead of regular pasta trying making spaghetti squash and covering it with marinara sauce
-          --Try adding cut up bananas or strawberries to your cereal or yogurt in the morning
-          --Substitute chips for cut up celery and carrots

The more fruits and vegetables you add to your diet the better you will feel!  It has been shown that the more vegetables there are in the diet – the lower risk there is for some types of cancers.

Do yourself and your family a favor by adding a more delicious variety of vegetables to your diet today! 

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